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 "Changed the seasons and nothing has changed; But I know something happened. It's  all so different.
Remember the day when we start to believe, that all it was forever ...Without knowing that the forever
always ends ...
But nothing will be able to change what stayed, When I think of someone just think of you. And then we're fine. Even with so many reasons to leave everything as is. And do not give up, or try to, now it does not matter ... we are going back home."

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 That's right, for those who enjoy Kazuki Kato singer, actor, model or presenter but had difficulty in getting more accurate information or felt out of place can now be part of the Fan Club Brazil.
There you can find several photos, videos, clips, lyrics, albums, singles, and more information about Kazuki.  Join now!

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 When Father in heaven created you, he did a great job.
He put a lot of purity in your heart, and it was your humility that caught my attention.
Star's brightness of the most beautiful look.
Real diamond fetched your word.
The rest should be outer beauty. 
But what's inside for me has more value.
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 The hippie slang emerged in Brazil mainly in the 70s and have become trend among young people and are now used less frequently, but many have never ceased to be used by young and "crowns" (which is slang hippie).

 *I write in Portuguese, because the meaning does not work in another language. But who speaks Spanish and knows the Portuguese language will understand what I mean.*

Paz e amor - Tranquilo, tudo bem (!) (?)

Arquibaldo - Torcedor de arquibancada

Barra - Dificuldade

Bicho - Amigo

Parada - Negócio

Bicho Grilo - Hippie

Bichogrilês - Idioma dos Hippies

Biônico - Político nomeado pelo governo

Bode - Confusão

Patota - Galera

Capanga - Bolsa

Chacrinha - Conversa sem objetivos

Coroa - pessoa não-jovem (mais de 50 anos)

Dar o cano - quebrar compromissos

Dar um giro - sair, passear

Eu tô que tô - Eu Estou bem

Fazer a cabeça - mudar a cabeça de alguém

Parafrentex - Atual

Psicodélico - Estranho

Geraldino - Torcedor de geral

Goiaba - Bobo

Jóia - Tudo bem

Podes crer - Acredite; tá-se bem

Repeteco - Repetição

Cara - pessoa, usado para mulheres e homens

Sacar - entender

Pô - Exclamação de contrariedade

Meu - pessoa, cara

Massa - Legal

Não dá nada - não tem problema

Corta essa! - desiste, muda (exclamação)

Mudar a cabeça - mudar o modo de pensar

Acertar as cabeças - combinar (pessoas)

Falou e disse - disse tudo

Velha e velho - pai e mãe

Véio - amigo

Caô - conversa fiada; mentira

Falou - Tchau, Até Mais

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  Belly dancing is what I most enjoy doing in my spare time. I have a real passion for this dance since a very small and try to practice every day.

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  Watching Boogie Woogie Night has become routine for me and the girls fan club Kazuki Kato Brazil. Even more because it’s always fun to see the boys making jokes like this where Kazuki pretends to be an older woman seducing a boy. Take a look here: KAZUKI KATO SEXY?!

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The Chibi’s World is a Brazilian blog that exists for more than five years. In it we talk about all kinds of world affairs and Asian themes. 
The official blog will remain active and always with new and fun things, but now can also be seen and accessed by users of Tumblr.

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